Marijuana Movie 50/50
When Adam (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) is diagnosed with the Big C, his best bud Kyle (Seth Rogen) provides needed levity (and medical marijuana) as Adam goes though though chemo and contemplates his mortality in Jonathan Levine’s romantic cancer comedy and followup to The Wackness.

50/50 is written by Rogen’s friend Will Reiser (son of comedian Paul), who got cancer in his mid-20s. In the film, Adam relies on Kyle and his girlfriend Rachael (Ron Howard’s daughter, Bryce) to help him deal with the tumor that’s growing in his back. While Kyle is a stony rock, providing car rides, cannabis and camaraderie, Rachael can’t handle the constant trips to the hospital, and Adam’s physical and emotional issues. Their falling out is epic, thanks in large part to Kyle.              Best Buds: Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Seth Rogen

Adam and his therapist Katherine (Anna Kendrick) provide the romantic angle. As his condition worsens, they becomes more attached. Will he pull through and if so will Adam and Katherine live happily ever after?

50/50 tackles a serious problem with humor and dignity. Cancer’s no laughing matter, but comedy can help during our darkest moments, and certainly comes to the rescue in Levine’s inspirational stoner movie.

Best lines:
• Rogen: “I have night blindness. Weed fixes it.”
• Gordon-Levitt: “I’m high as a motherfucker!”
• Philip Baker Hall: “Want a macaroon? There’s weed in them.”