Alien Kush Marijuana Strain

Alien Kush is a cross between Las Vegas Purple Kush and Alien Technology. This sativa dominant strain has light green buds with silvery fuzz and small orange threads throughout. The smell has a hint of fuel with a berry undertone. The taste is harsh fuel mixed with champagne and cherry.

Alien Kush Marijuana Effects

Like many sativa dominant strains, this medicine focuses on your head instead of your body. You will feel uplifted, euphoric, creative and carefree. The effects are very strong and very long lasting; this is serious medicine. The effects may last as long as two hours.

Alien Kush Medical Marijuana Uses

Alien Kush is very effective in combatting nerve related disorders such as tension, stress and nervous stomach. Patients also report relief from migraine headache, ADD, arthritis and glaucoma. This strain can help you combat chronic pain and the appetite enhancing properties are good for those with eating disorders or stomach problems.

Alien Kush Marijuana Downsides

A significant number of patients report anxiety when using Alien Kush, as well as dizziness and dry mouth. This may be due to the intense effects it has on the body instead of it being a side effect of the medicine itself. It’s a fine point, but one that may be important if you decide to try this medicine.

Alien Kush Marijuana Conclusion

Alien Kush is strong effective medicine that is effective in treating tension, stress, migraine headaches, glaucoma and other physical ailments. The strong effect it has on the body is intense and long lasting. Novice users would do well to keep this in mind, perhaps adjusting the dose to a lower level to start. The uplifting and euphoric feeling you get when using this strain are useful for daytime use. You may want to search for another strain for your night time use, as the sleepiness effect here is minimal.

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