Armageddon Marijuana Strain

Armageddon is a sativa dominant strain with multicolored buds covered in fine white threads. The exact history of this strain is unknown, although many rumors exist. The scent is a complex combination of pine and spice with a bit of a sharp bite to the nose. The taste is piney with a strong undertone of woodsy flavors.

Armageddon Marijuana Effects

Armageddon, nicknamed “One Hit Wonder”, is a strong medical strain. This is not for novices or for people who only need a moderate amound of medicine. You will experience relaxation in the mind and body along with euphoria, hunger and often a tingly feeling in your hands and face. The effects last longer than average, often hanging on for 4 hours or more.

Armageddon Medical Marijuana Uses

This medicine is chiefly good for muscle related illnesses such as spasms or pulled muscles, as well as anxiety related disorders. Patients respond well to tension, stress and insomnia while using this strain. Armageddon increases the appetite, so those with food issues or lack of appetite can benefit as well.

Armageddon Marijuana Downsides

Many patients report extremely dry mouth and dry eyes when using this medicine. It is recommended that contact lens users remove their lenses before using this strain. The effects of Armageddon are so strong that this strain is not recommended for use during busy work days or other times in which you have to be alert.

Armageddon Marijuana Conclusion

Armageddon is strong medicine for anxiety, stress, pain and loss of appetite. The effects will last a long time compared to other medical strains, so know this beforehand to prevent anxiety due to an excessively long high. It hasn’t shown to be much help with migraines, but other body aches respond well to moderate amounts of this strain. Use Armageddon in the evening or other times when you don’t have to concentrate fully on a task. Avoid it on busy work days and active times.

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