Banana Diesel Marijuana Strain

Banana Diesel is a sativa dominant strain, a cross between Banana Kush and Super Sour Diesel. The fluffy green buds are covered in orange threads and a slight dusting of crystals. The smell is sweet and fruity, and even more so when you break it open. The taste is fruity and sweet, very mild and smooth.

Banana Diesel Marijuana Strain Effects

The most common effect of Banana Diesel is a serious urge to giggle. This is a happy medicine, making you feel more focused, talkative and lively. There is no sleepiness or lethargy attached to using this strain as it has very little effect on the body. The only exception to that is an urge to snack while using it.

Banana Diesel Medical Marijuana Uses

Banana Diesel is an ideal medicine to treat depression, anxiety and other stress-related illnesses. It has a very good cure rate for migraine headaches. It’s side effect of causing hunger makes it a natural choice in treating eating disorders or poor appetite due to other illnesses. Banana Diesel’s relaxation factor make it helpful in treating muscle aches, strains and other pains caused from tense muscles or muscle spasms.

Banana Diesel Marijuana Downsides

Most patients report a significant case of dry mouth and dry eyes when using this medicine. Keep non-alcoholic beverages handy when you use it, as well as wetting drops or eye drops. Contact lens users should remove their contacts and wear glasses for the most comfortable use. A small number of patients report dizziness when using Banana Diesel.

Banana Diesel Marijuana Conclusion

Banana Diesel is a pleasant strain, well suited for use in treating all anxiety or stress-related disorders. It’s use in treating migraine headaches is very successful. This medicine may best be used when working at home, or on time off work, because of it’s likelihood to cause prolonged bouts of giggling. It will have little effect on physical pains, except those related to stress and tight muscles.

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