Banana Kush Marijuana Strain

Banana Kush is an Indica hybrid. The bright green buds are covered in sparkly white crystals and bright yellow or orange threads. The scent is fruity and spicy, sort of like a cross between cinnamon and tropical fruit candy. The flavor has a definite banana tone mixed with the smooth sweetness of honeydew melon.

Banana Kush Marijuana Effects

Banana Kush is a strong medical strain. Like all Indica hybrids, the effect is concentrated more on the body than in the mind. You will experience muscle relaxation, a sense of euphoria and a very serious jolt of pain relief. This strain causes sleepiness and a calm feeling that goes along with total body relaxation.

Banana Kush Medical Marijuana Uses

This strain is extremely useful for a number of medical conditions. It excels at pain relief of all types, in every part of your body. It has an excellent effect on migraine headaches. Most patients report great relief from insomnia in a short period of time. The total relaxation effect indicates this strain will do well with tension, stress and anxiety disorders.

Banana Kush Marijuana Downsides

Many patients report dry mouth and dry eyes using this strain. Some people experience dizziness and paranoia. Armageddon is strong medicine, and won’t do well on days when you have to be alert and mentally on your toes.

Banana Kush Marijuana Conclusion

Armageddon is a strong strain of medicine, useful for a number of ailments. While not a cure-all, it certainly can be used to treat many of the symptoms most people have come to associate with medical marijuana relief. Use it for pain medication, stress disorders, insomnia and migraines. Don’t try to use this strain on busy days; save its use for evenings and other times when you can concentrate on relaxing and enjoying a long period of pain-free movement.

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