BC Big Bud Marijuana Strain

BC Big Bud is a British Columbian strain the combines a Big Bud indica with a smoother sativa strain. The resulting plant produces, as the name implies, very large buds covered in a crystal resin. The scent is light and citrusy, almost lemon. The taste is the same, lemon and almost orange with a very light touch.  BC Big Bud produces nice big buds with citrusy flavor and smell. It has sativa-like leaves as well as providing cerebral high and joyful smoke. Although its seeds are big it does not correspond to bud outcome or the actual plant.BC Big Bud is a hybrid, sativa dominant strain. 65% Sativa 35% Indica Crossed between Big Bud and Sativa, it can be grown either inside or outdoors.

BC Big Bud Marijuana Effects

This strain combines some of the best attributes from each of its parents. It gives a euphoric feeling without confusion, leaving you clear-headed and able to perform mental duties. The indica background allows you to block out awareness of the worst of your pain without knocking you out.

BC Big Bud Medical Marijuana Uses

BC Big Bud is an excellent strain for pain relief in muscles, joints and stomach ailments. It can be used combat lethargy and depression, stabilize moods and increase mental clarity. For patients who don’t want to take a lot of chemical pain relievers, this can be an ideal alternative.

BC Big Bud Marijuana Downsides

This medicine will give you a light and giddy feeling, filling you with creative and body energy. If you’re looking for a strain to combat insomnia, this is not where you want to go. It has very little effect on anxiety or tension and experienced medical marijuana users may find it too light to be effective for long.

BC Big Bud Marijuana Conclusion

BC Big Bud combines some of the best parts of both sativa and indica strains. It excells at combatting pain and the awareness of severe pain. For patients who must use medicine during the day while staying aware and using critical thinking, this is an ideal medicine to try. It has very little effect on excessive tension or anxiety and may leave experienced users wanting more.

Story via StrainBrain.com