Blackberry Hashplant Marijuana Strain

Blackberry Hashplant is a mostly indica dominant strain, a cross between Blackberry Kush and Hashplant. The buds are small and unassuming, with a light green color and a moderate amount of light orange and yellow threads. The scent is dry, dusty and woody with a hint of lavendar. The taste is dusty, woodsy and slighly resinous.

The Effectsof Blackberry Hashplant

This strain is so balanced closely between indica and sativa that different patients report different effects. Some state they felt euphoric, uplifted and energetic, while other patients swear by its relaxing qualities, claiming it makes them sleepy and even lazy. Whatever the effects that they feel, most patients agree that this strain is relatively strong, but not particularly long lasting.

Blackberry Hashplant Medical Uses

The relaxation qualities of Blackberry Hashplant make it an ideal candidate for pain relief in patients with strong pain issues. It also relieves a major amount of nausea, making it a good medicine for chemotherapy patients and anyone else suffering from the effects of strong medication. This strain relieves migraine headaches, and has a good result treating axiety and stress related illnesses such as tension and insomnia.

Downsides of Blackberry Hashplant

This strain is unpredictable in its effects, so a patient can’t count on any particular illness being treated until a sample is used and the effects judged. Some patients may find they are too sleepy to work, and should reserve this for night time use. Others may feel energetic and will use it strictly during the day. The only way to judge this strain is to try a sample dose.

Conclusion for Blackberry Hashplant

Blackberry Hashplant is a crossbred indica dominant strain with strong sativa elements that come through on some patients. The effects are erratic, with some patients reporting body effects and others feeling just the opposite. This strain can be strong medicine, though not long lasting, so if you find it affects your particular ailment it can be a good choice.

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