Blue Widow Marijuana Strain

Blue Widow is an indica dominant strain that is a cross between Blueberry and White Widow. The buds are very dense and dry with an almost sugary coating of crystals covering them. The scent reminds you of blueberries with an astringent undertone almost like pine cleaner. The taste is a little bit of resin with a strong blueberry flavor on top.

Blue Widow Marijuana Effects

Blue Widow is very much an indica strain, with the body effects that implies. You will feel an immediate relaxing effect, along with the urge to indulge in solitary activities. Reading and relaxing will be tempting, while conversation and television-watching more of a distraction, though possible. The feeling is calm and relaxed, with a lack of ambition and energy.

Blue Widow Medical Uses

Blue Widow is an ideal strain for muscle problems such as strains, sprains and cramps. It is often used for strong pain relief with positive results. Any sort of anxiety related illness, such as tension and stress would respond well to this strain. Migraine headaches often disappear after using this medicine and it’s often helpful to relieve nausea due to chemotherapy.


This medicine, while strong at first, doesn’t last as long as some other indica strains. Most users report an extremely dry mouth while using it. The lack of ambition and energy you feel make Blue Widow a poor choice of medicine for daytime use, unless you have no other plans for the afternoon. You will be poor company while using this strain. so consider using it mostly when home alone or not obligated to be social.


Blue Widow is a medical strain bred mostly to be used for body ailments such as pain, nausea and tension in the muscles. The effect is strong but not as long lasting as some other strains of indica. This strain makes the patient somewhat quiet and anti-social, but would be good for insomnia, any painful ailments or other physical complaints.

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