Bubba Diesel Marijuana Strain

Bubba Diesel strain is a hybrid cross between Bubba Kush and Sour Diesel. It is split almost evenly between being a sativa and an indica plant. The large light green buds are covered in very long orange hairs and a snowy dusting of white crystals. The scent is sweet, with a bit of eucalyptus and sometimes coffee in the background. The taste is pleasant and sweet with a hint of fertilizer in the background.

The Effects of Bubba Diesel

As a 50/50 split hybrid, this strain shares its effects equally between the head and the body. This strain is strong medicine, with an immediate effect on the head. You will feel light headed, euphoric and very relaxed within a few minutes. The body effects come a few minutes later, with a strong decrease in tension, muscle aches and physical stress feelings.

Bubba Diesel Medical Uses

The strong body effects of this strain make it an excellent choice for muscle aches, joint pain and migraine headache relief. Patients report good results using it to relieve stress, tension, depression and hypertension. The relaxing effect of Bubba Diesel makes it a good candidate for relieving chronic insomnia and other sleep disorders.

Downsides of Bubba Diesel

This is a very strong strain, effecting every part of your body. Novice patients may find the feeling of this medicine too intense in any but the smallest doses. The strength of the effect and the long time period it takes to wear off makes this a poor choice for daytime use, or use when critical thinking is important.

Conclusion for Bubba Diesel

Bubba Diesel is a strong hybrid medicine, almost an all-purpose strain in its sativa/indica mix. The mental and physical effects are present in equal amounts and can be very strong. Novice patients should use this medicine in measured amounts until the effects are known.

Story via StrainBrain.com