Bubba Skywalker Marijuana Strain

Bubba Skywalker is an indica dominant strain, a cross between a pre 1998 Bubba and Skywalker OG. The bud is light grayish green with the occasional bright green leaf and a good coating of orange threads. The scent is dank and earthy, like dirt and pine needles. The flavor is light but oily, mixed with a faint pine back note.

The Effects of Bubba Skywalker

This strain was produced specifically for its strong indica background, so almost all the effects of this medicine are concentrated in the head. Most patients feel euphoria, creativity, mental energy and a sense of alertness. This is combined with a very laid-back feeling of relaxation and freedom from stress and anxiety.

Bubba Skywalker Medical Uses

Patients use Bubba Skywalker successfully for insomnia, anxiety related illnesses such as stress, tension and depression, and for cases of ADD. This strain stimulates the appetite, so it’s indicated for use in cases of eating disorders or appetite suppression due to medication. The alert and creative feeling you get when using this medicine makes it ideal for daytime use and for times when you have to continue critical thinking while being medicated.

Downsides of Bubba Skywalker

This strain has very little effect on the body, so patients would be wise to look for another strain if they are looking for relief from muscle aches, strained muscles or migraine headaches. It has a strong effect on the thinking processes, so novice patients may feel anxiety because of lack of ability to concentrate on one subject for a long period of time. Most patients report moderate dry mouth and eyes when using this strain. Contact lens users would be wise to remove their contacts and wear glasses when using this medicine.

Conclusion for Bubba Skywalker

Bubba Skywalker is a relatively strong, indica dominant strain of medicine that’s effective in treating a number of anxiety related illnesses. The effect can be felt mainly on the mind. This strain does very little good for major pain or nausea; patients should look for another strain for these problems.

Story via StrainBrain.com