Bubble Gum Marijuana Strain

Bubble Gum Strain is an almost evenly split strain between indica and sativa dominance. Originally grown in Indiana in the 1970s, it was taken to Amsterdam for cloning and hybridizing. The bud is loosely packed and very frosty looking. The smell is what gives this strain its name: it smells just like pink bubble gum and is very strong. The taste is mild with a bubble gum flavor both on the inhale and the exhale.

The Effects of Bubble Gum

This strain has the classic attributes of an old-school indica, making you feel euphoric, uplifted, happy and cheerful. After the initial effects begin to wear off, you will develop a marked laziness and lack of energy for the next two hours. Bubble Gum will loosen your muscles as well as giving you a large increase in appetite.

Bubble Gum Medical Uses

Patients have used Bubble Gum with good results to combat stress, anxiety, tension and other emotional issues. The mood-elevating properties make it a good candidate for depressed patients. This strain is excellent for all appetite related issues such as anorexia nervosa and loss of appetite due to medication reactions. It helps to combat nausea and takes care of insomnia.

Downsides of Bubble Gum

Most patients report a very bad case of dry mouth and eyes when using this medicine. Contact lens users should remove their lenses and wear glasses when using it. A fair number of patients experience dizziness or paranoia with this strain. The effects are not felt very strongly in the body, so patients looking for relief from major muscle related pains should look elsewhere.

Conclusion for Bubble Gum

Bubble Gum strain is well balanced medicine with enough strength for experienced patients, but it’s not so strong that novices are uncomfortable. Use this strain for anxiety related issues, insomnia and to increase the appetite. Patients who suffer from dizziness or vertigo should avoid this strain.

Story via StrainBrain.com