Chem Dawg Marijuana Plant

Chem Dawg’s origins are mysterious, chemically speaking. It is an indica dominant hybrid, and is the father of OG Kush and all the Diesel varieties. The bud is loose and light green with a large number of long orange threads and a good amount of frostiness on top. The scent is sour with a background of fuel. The flavor is fruity and spicy with a sour undertaste.

Chem Dawy Marijuana Effects

This strain is one of the strongest medicinal strains you can obtain. This potent strain has a strong cerebral effect, making you euphoric, uplifted and even giddy. The relaxation factor is so high that you may want to do nothing more than watch television or sit in a chair. Some patients report mild hallucinogenic effects with this strain.

Chem Daw Medical Marijuana Uses

Patients have used Chem Dawg with good results in treating stress related maladies such as nervous tension, pain from strained or spasmed muscles and generalized anxiety. Use this strain for glaucoma, insomnia and food issues such as anorexia or loss of appetite due to strong medication.


Chem Dawg is seriously potent medicine. Novice users may find it too strong to use, and may experience severe anxiety until the effects wear off. Almost all users find they experience dry mouth and eyes when using this strain, as well as many of them feeling some measure of paranoia or dizziness.


Chem Dawg is one of the strongest strains of medical marijuana you can find. It it used to treat stress, anxiety, insomnia, glaucoma and appetite issues. Novice users may want to avoid this strain, or use it in limited doses until the effects on your body are known. This strain can have a good effect on minor pain, but is limited in effect when dealing with nausea, PMS and major pain issues from fibromyalgia and other whole-body issues.

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