After the recent vote that would remove home cultivation from the New Hampshire medical marijuana program. Now, a former congressional candidate that suffers from Hodgkin’s Lymphoma has posted a plea to YouTube that is aimed directly at New Hampshire Governor Maggie Hassan. The patient’s plea comes as he asks her to reconsider the prohibiting of home cultivation for patients who aren’t readily able to go obtain medicine.

A former Libertarian candidate for Congress in New Hampshire’s 2nd District, Hardy Macia wants patients to be able to grow their own medicine as a matter of convenience. Macia said, “It’s not going to affect the market share of marijuana on the market here in New Hampshire because people can get it regardless.” Macia urged people to think about the patients and to ignore the police unions because this needs to be done for the state. Patients need to have convenient access to their medicine; it should not be made difficult as life is already difficult for them.

Hardy Macia’s Video Plea

A veto-proof majority of the House of Representatives voted in a near unanimous fashion of 286-84 in favor of a proposed marijuana measure. House Bill 573 would allow five state licensed medical marijuana dispensaries while allowing patients or their caregivers to grow up to three plants at home. However, when the states’ Senate Committee on Health, Education & Human Services voted, there was a 5-0 favor to recommend that the Senate approve the bill, which came at the cost of two key elements being removed. Home cultivation of marijuana was eliminated and PTSD was removed from the list of qualifying conditions, two moves that have outraged advocates.

Other significant changes to the bill reduced the number of authorized dispensaries allowed statewide from five to four and added a requirement that patients receive a written permissive letter from a property owner before using medical marijuana on privately owned property. They also eliminated protections for out of state medical marijuana patients traveling with marijuana in New Hampshire with a medical marijuana card.

NORML is encouraging all New Hampshire residents to contact their elected representatives and call for a sense of deeper compassion. Patients should have the right to cultivate their own medicine, not only as a matter of convenience, but for a matter of health purposes. Patients will be more familiar with their medicine and will know exactly where it is coming from and how it was produced.

Take Action

Sign the petition launched by Rep. Wright, calling for Governor Hassan to allow New Hampshire patients to grow their own medicine.

Find your New Hampshire elected representative and urge them to support the right of paitents to cultivate their own medicine. Aftern you have done so, please contact the Governor’s office and express your support for HB 573. Implore her that seriously ill patients can not wait years for for dispensaries to become available and require a home grow alernative. Tell Gov. Hassan to side with patients, not police.

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