We have already covered the benefits of vaporizers as compared to smoking, but now it is time to begin our quest for the best! Today: the VaporStore VaporTower.

VaporStore actually designed and built the VaporTower themselves, which allowed them to develop a customized system while keeping the price down. But does it get the job done?


Our testers liked the simple wooden box design, as it keeps the device from being too heavy. The polished wood also comes in several colors like Dark Oak or Light Walnut, meaning it can actually look rather good with matching furniture. Given that many other devices are overly conspicuous eyesores, this is a nice touch.


The VaporTower keep things extremely simple in this category, operation is controlled by an on/off switch and a single metallic dial for the temperature. Testers had no trouble finding a good dial position for vaporization, but noted that the lack of temperature markings was an odd omission. An LCD temperature display would be ideal, but of course that would also drastically raise the price.

Set Up:

The VaporTower shines in this area. Glass-on-glass pieces connect the device to the hose used for inhalation, while the plant material is placed between two screens in the middle of the removable section. Unlike vaporizers that use a single screen, this one keeps herbs tightly secured while maximizing the available surface area. The ceramic heating element heats up fairly quickly and gets the vapor flowing nicely without issues.


Patients testing the device had to take some time to find their preferred temperature, but once that was done the experience was incredibly smooth. They reported enjoying the pleasant smell of the vapor and how this method conserved the sweeter side of the taste of the cannabis smoke. Using a single, relatively small, load of marijuana, three patients were able to get effects that they equated to smoking roughly the same amount as was in the VaporTower, but per person. None experienced coughing or any lung/throat discomfort. The device did not overheat or burn any material either.


The VaporTower definitely covers all the core benefits of vaporization while keeping use simple and intuitive. It may not have all the bells and whistles of some other devices, but it offers a superb vaporization experience for those wishing to switch away from traditional smoking. It looks pretty good and although the various parts look very simple, they are made to a high standard and perform very well. There are cheaper vaporizers in the market, but few work nearly as well as full-featured machines. At only $200 (with a multi-payment option to boot) the VaporTower actually offers nearly the same vaporization quality as devices that cost twice or even three times as much. For most individuals, this is a great option to see what all the hype is about without dropping a small fortune or wasting money on a sub-par device.

Story via PotLocator.com